A model I made for In Verbis Virtus game. At the beginning it was supposed to be just a statue that had to be placed all around the levels, but we liked the concept so much that we decided to convert her in a boss monster.

This bitch flies fast, screams and shoot energy darts from her shoulders. If you get caught, you’re done for.

She’s probably my favourite monster in the game. I spent so much time to give her a unique personality that it couldn’t be otherwise.

I’ve been able to keep her polycount even lower than other monsters in the game, though I guess she will need some tweak, expecially to her ethereal cloth. Being physic driven, it needs to be keep quite low in polys, but it has to move like it is underwater too (waving, sort of).

The last pic shows her put in the game engine, and even there I need to tweak a bit the shader. I’m quite satisfied of her look anyway.

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